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45th Commencement Exercise 2017

Graduation Day Highlights

Our heartiest congratulations to  Jerusalem Bacante (Philippines), Tammy Gani (Malaysia),  James Médez (Philippines),  Riviena Abubo (Philippines),   Nguyen Thi Kim Yen (Vietnam)   and Elsie Olívo (Philippines), graduating class of 2017!

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Spiritual Education Scholarship Awards

During the 45th Commencement Day on 18 Nov, two Spiritual Education Scholarships were set up.

The scholarships are in memory of brother Jack McWhorter, sister Norma McWhorter, and sister Kuin Tattersall - to be awarded to the male and female students who have fulfilled the required academic criteria having scored the highest GPA in the class. The recipients must also have demonstrated good and proper Christian conduct expected of a servant of God.


These scholarships are gifted through the generosity of brother Mark McWhorter (Logan Martin Church of Christ, Pell City, Alabama) in honor of his parents Norma and Jack McWhorter and a good Christian friend, Kuin Tattersall. 

The Norma McWhorter/Kuin Tattersall Spiritual Education Scholarship Award recipient: 


Riviena Ugalde Abubo (Class of 2017)


The Jack McWhorter Spiritual Education Scholarship Award recipient:

Jerusalem Dico Bacante  (Class of 2017)

We congratulate these graduates for their well-earned recognitions.

(From left) Riviena Ugalde bubo, Jerusalem Dico Bacante

Thank you to all participants for your support!

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