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Dean of Public Relations

Billy Bland was born in Oxford, Mississippi. He and his wife, Terry have a daughter, Anna and a son, Jared (deceased). They have three grand-daughters and one great-grand daughter.

Billy graduated from the Memphis School of Preaching in 1977, and later obtained his B.A. & M.A. from the Southern Christian University. He has done local work in Tennessee and Mississippi. He is also serving as an elder of the Coldwater Church of Christ, MS, where he formerly preached for twelve years.

Currently, Billy is an Instructor and Associate Director at Memphis School of Preaching, Memphis, Tennessee, as well as Dean of Public Relations, Four Seas College of Bible and Missions in Singapore. He has served as editor and later as staff writer for “The Bible Beacon” and is currently the editor of the “Far East/World Evangelism” Newsletter.

Billy actively participates in Gospel Meetings and Lectureships, and mission trips in various parts of the United States, Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. 

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