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Dean of Students/ Instructor

Eddy Ee holds a Diploma in Religious Education from the Korea Christian College, Seoul (1968). He is also actively involved in community work and holds a Certificate in Counselling (Pastoral) awarded by the Counselling and Care Centre, Singapore.


Eddy has served as a lecturer for Four Seas College since May 1968 and in 1976, began to serve as full-time Minister for the Jurong church of Christ, Singapore. He has also directed the Asian Bible Lectureship held in Singapore and over the many years of ministry has preached in various parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, and Japan. He is married to Theresa, and they have a daughter, Elizabeth. 


Courses taught:

  • Preacher & His Work I (The Christian Man)

  • Preacher & His Work V (The Life & Work of a Preacher)

  • Old Testament Survey

  • Genesis

  • Hebrew History I

  • Denominational Dogmas

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