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Online Instructor

Jason Hilburn is a native of Brantley, Alabama. Jason is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching, USA (2005) and also has a Bachelors in Computer and Information Science from Troy State University (1997).


Prior to attending the Memphis School of Preaching, Jason worked as a Network Administrator. Since graduation, Jason has preached for congregations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Jason and his family have been working with the church of Christ in Baker, Florida since December of 2016.


Jason has experience in television evangelism and currently speaks on a weekly radio program. He is the author of 'Should We Pray to Jesus?' and 'Defending Divine Doctrine Pertaining to Prayer' and also uses the internet to teach a weekly Bible class to people overseas.


Jason has also served in mission work in Ukraine and eastern Asia and is the webmaster for


Course taught:

  • Exodus – Deuteronomy

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